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4th-Dec-2016 12:08 pm - seasonal spirit......
Fashionably late as every year I start my christmas cards events....
  • If you got a card last year and haven't moved, all you need to do is to make yourseslf a gingerbread hot chocolate, sit back and wait for the postman. 
  • If you've moved, or never got a card before but would like on, leave a comment or PM with your address. Comments screened.
  • If you got one last year but rather didn't, let me know.
..... that the best response to the the US election has come from Scotland.

After all the emotionla turmoil, polarization and negativity going around this is a breath of fresh air. Just keep walking, America, you've overcome obsticals and hardship before, and you will do so again.
14th-Aug-2016 12:11 pm - Vidukon Premier 2016
This vid was done very quickly, it's not beta-ed and it's still kind of unfinished becaused my tech played decided to be stubborn and would just crash any time I opened the vid, so most of my time 'working on the vid' was trying to get the darn thing to render. Note to slef, SV does not like HD mp4 source.

I kind of fell head over heel for Lucifer last season, despite plenty of arguemtns against it. But what can you do? Clearly I've got a thing for snarky, politically incorrect Brits.

Vid: Call Me Devil
Song: Call Me Devil
Artist: Friends in Tokio

Download here
13th-Aug-2016 01:31 pm - Vidukon Premiere 2016
This movie has been called the German Brokeback Mountain, though it does not have that much in common with that movie. No stunning cinematography or beautiful landscapes here, it's all very prosaic and down-to-earth, ii is part love story, part tragedy and part an exploration of what it is like to be gay in a modern day police force.

Source: Freier Fall/Free Fall
Song: Ich Laufe/I Run
Artist; Tim Bedzko

Download (with and without subs) here.
19th-Jun-2016 11:31 pm - Sans mots....
Anton Yelchin
11/03/89 - 19/06/16
Holy shit, Criminal Minds, what was that I just watched? (o)(o)

Clearly some h/c fangirls have invaded the writers room. And the fact that Thomas Gibson was directing and Shemar half naked for most of the episode gave the whole thing an extra layer of pain voyorism and slash on top of all the emotional and physical hurt. I'm still shellshocked.

(oviously highly spoilery) pickspam after the cutCollapse )

This one is on par with Reid's heroin fuelled abduction back when. This should make for some great Reid/Morgan fic.
30th-Jan-2016 03:47 pm - Looking for vidders & vids #4
I thought that while we are all hanging around out computer and reload LJ endlessly, waiting for festivids to go live tomorrow, this would be a good time to do some convassing for another Eurovision vid show for vidukon 2016.  (See here, here & here for previous ones if you've not been around my journal that long).

The idea is to showcase European vidders, European source and European music. I'd also love to have have a meta vid with a 'European twist'. Out definition of what counts as European is rather relaxed, particularly when it comes to source.

Here is the place where you can brainstorm ideas for Premieres, sign up to making a Premiere or nominate already existing vids that fit the theme.

 I am looking for:

  1. Vidders who would want to make a Premiere for the show. This could be vidding a European source, a European song, or both.  You do not have to be a European vidder as long as you chose an appropriate source and/or song.

  2. European vidders who don't want to participate, but would be happy for me to look through their back catalogue so see something I might like.

  3. Any great vids of European source that have come out over the last 12 months in particular, that you think should be included in the vid show.

  4. Ideas for European source that totally should be vidded but you don't want to do it.

Last years suggestions included....Collapse )
La reine Margot, French film

If you can help with any of the above, please pm or comment.
14th-Jan-2016 07:36 pm - Sans mots....
Alan Rickman
21/02/46 - 14/01/16

5th-Dec-2015 01:27 pm - Holiday cards
Hi, lovelies!

I am hoping to send out Christmas Cards again this year, though no garantee that they'll make it in time depending on where you're living (but who doesn't love a seasonal card out of season?). If you got a card year last year and haven't moved you should automatically get a card, everybody else, please leave your contact details in a comment.

Comments are screened, obviously.
...there is a Vidding Love Meme going on over here, so if you like reading and writing about vids, it's the place to spend a rainy sunday afternoon. Let's keep it going for a while, and spread the word.

I am kind of doing it wrong, because I post comments about individual vids on the vid posts rather than the meme, but post more general comments in the meme. I don't think it matters, since it's in the spirit of the meme. I just know that I love shiney, nice comments in my journal, where I know they can't disappear and I can always go back and read them again. So I guess some other folks might feel the same way?
31st-Oct-2015 12:06 pm - Happy All Hollows' Eve everybody
Hope you've all remembered the faithfully departed during the day and are preparing yourself to fend of the evil spirits, witches and fairies tonight. And have a litte Halloween-themed clip while you wait.

Confession...Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2015 12:40 pm - This & That
Back from holidays. You guys, the Greek Islands are dreamy, and none more than the isladn of Kefalonia (you might know it if your read Captain Corelli's Mandoline), where I holed up with my Mum, in a lovely old greek farmhouse with a pool, lots of olive trees in the garden, and a little cove for swimming only five minutes away. The north of Kefalonia is very, very green, with lots of little coves (pebble, though, not sand) along the coast and small villages with taverns that serve very yummy greek food to very reasonable prices and small village shops with huge stacks of fruit and veg outside.  It was still very warm, around 25 C, so lots of sunbathing and swimming was to be had, though we cought one day with (terrential) rain, but that was kind a fun, too. Electricity and water cut out for a few hours, and we thought it might swep out house into the sea, but then the next day it was back to blue skies and seas with no cloud in sight. Like magic.

Picspam this wayCollapse )

Unfortunately we did miss the Super Blood Moon Eclipse because I noted down a wrong time. That would have been the cherry on top.

On return I also noted (well, my inbox reminded me) that I've missed naturelf's, legoline's and bananainpyjamas's B-days. Hope you all had a great day, doing what you love to do, whatever that is. Wishing Char the most amazing adventures downunder with even better beaches and sea views than Greece and enough UK born relatives to secure a visa for howeverlong she wants it for, legoline enough time to do all the things she loves to do and success with her writing, and bananainpyjama a good hair year and a magic potient to nuke accademic stress. Virtual hugs and cakes for all of you ladies!
18th-Sep-2015 08:33 am - When fandoms converge...
The Supernatural Knit Along (requires Ravelry log-in)

I wont be participating because I'm stuck in the end-phase of and epic kintting project in form of a blanket, which has been occupying the floor in my study for months now and needs to be DONE ALREADY. But maybe somebody esle here is interested?
12th-Aug-2015 08:41 am - WTF....?

Not sure what to think of this. I mean, I like Arrow, and I loved Constantine, but....but... [does not compute]. I think this is halcyon_shift's doing, she sacrificied a chicken at midnight at her local churchyard and decorated trees with chicken bones. Or maybe code? Code is evil, so that would work. Woman, you're scary.

On the Arrow and Constantine crossover:

When NBC axed Constantine earlier this year, Arrow star Stephen Amell proposed the idea of a potential crossover between the two shows in an effort to save it. Now that idea has come to fruition, because Matt Ryan, who starred as DC Comics character John Constantine in the ill-fated drama, will reprise his role in Arrow's fifth episode, titled “Haunted.” Pedowitz gave credit to Warner Bros. for making the crossover happen. "Luckily, one of our parent companies, Warner Bros., was a production company for Constantine," he said. "We worked with them and it's a great one-shot episode."

10th-Aug-2015 10:33 am - Bounty Hunters in Space...
Okay, I think with the epilogue to episode 8 Killjoys just stole my heart.
Picspamy evidence tihs wayCollapse )
1st-Aug-2015 12:32 pm - Eurovision vid show 2015
A vid show showcasing European vidding talent and European source and celibrates the diversity of the European vidding community.

First off, a huge 'Thank You' to all the vidders who have let me show their vids, agreed to make premieres especially for the vid show and contributed 'vid postcards' to introduce themseves and their vids. I've had such lovely feedback and participation across all platforms and vidding communities and the responses have been positive throughout, even though the timing of VidUKon this year meant that some people were right in the middle of their exams when I was pestering them with my requests.

This year we had 11 vids in the show including one Prmiere, the brilliantly heart-achy La Mer by counteragent. Unfortunately this year non of the vidders could make it to the con, but most send in a video postcard to introduce themselves. It's a lot of work for the vidders involved, but it's hugely appreciated by the con attandandees and gives the Eurovision vid show a more personal and inclusive feel.

Please check out the vidders vids and leave feedback at their journal, channel or tumblr to let them know that you enjoyed their work. For vids for lesser known European movies or TV shows I have included imdb links, in case you want to check out the source dircetly.

The River, The Woods by obsessive24 (New Zealand)
Read more...Collapse )

Tell Me Now Where Was My Fault by toufinus (France)
Read more...Collapse )

Love Story by cryptex ink (Germany)
Read more...Collapse )

Anew by Nerjaveika (Russia)
Read more...Collapse )
Au Port by sol_se (US)
Read more...Collapse )

La Mer by condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*
Read more...Collapse )

Damned If She Do by chaila (US)
Read more...Collapse )

Touching Your Fear by uniquevil (Russia)
Read more...Collapse )

Sorrow, Keeping Me Sane by thisdarkpassenger (Greece)
Read more...Collapse )

Arsonist's Lullyby by Shainira (Spain)
Read more...Collapse )

Multifandom Mashup 2014 by The Pteryx (Belarus)
Read more...Collapse )
25th-Jun-2015 08:07 pm - VidUKon Premiere 2015
Vid: Wasteland
Song by Needtobreathe
Source Grantchester

Download (divx & mp4  )here
21st-Jun-2015 02:23 pm - We had a con!
So, VidUKon happened last weekend, and it was such great fun, as always.

It was lovely to meet up with old friends and get to know some new folks, too - *waves* at [personal profile] kabal42 , who made his way over from Denmark. Sadly, [personal profile] goodbyebird was held captive on a ship and refused all our suggestions of sending out pirates, the Royal Navy or Furiosa to rescue her, otherwise representation from Scandinavia would have been pretty much complete - anybody knows of any Finnish vidders?

The highlight of the con was as always the Premiere shows, which was quite a bit longer than usual, and of high quality. I'll have to do a separate vid rec post at some point, when all the vids are posted. We also had the obligatory room party on Friday, hosted with impeccable style by [personal profile] lithiumdoll and [personal profile] doccy . There was cake, and more cake, and birthday cake for [personal profile] such_heights . There might have been booze. There was rumor that at one point the whole con was present. Yay for large rooms and tolerant neighbours.

As always, there was a lot of enabling going on. Last year it was Lithy who forced offered Banshee on everybody, and she only had an evil laugh when I told her that it was giving me very serious show PTSD (no, seriously, I know few people with such an evil laughter.) [personal profile] charloween took it upon herself to turn [personal profile] nemonclature and myself into cool fans by dragging us to the cinema in the middle of the night to see Mad Max Fierce Furiosa. In a less ethical move she pimped Almost Human on a poor, unsuspecting soul in Canada by reccing the fab Gone Tech by blithesea. I mean, who does that - making people fall for a canceled show????

As always, apart from all the hanging out with all the lovely people I enjoyed the panels the most. It was a great mix between instructional, thinky and freeform, covering such diverse topics as Problematic Fandoms (odessie ),Use of Colour (mariks & [personal profile] brokenmnemonic )and The Year in Vidding ([personal profile] such_heights ).

But the bestes about VidUkon will always be the conversations, going all the way from fannish squee & meta to RL and back. I was so glad that [personal profile] charloween was there again, since she has the uncanny ability to know what I'm talking about when words actually fail me. Seriously, she can work with me just making some vague gestures and a desperate facial expression.

5th-Jun-2015 08:06 am - I'm on a roll...
Anybody remembering my Big Moping Weekend in 2010?

The universe clearly loves me, because on Friday evening I had an e-mail in my inbox from my trusted ticket provider, saying that A-ha have reunited and are going on tour again next year. I guess I should feel cynical about artists doing Farwell Tours and then popping back up 5 years later, but I just don't have it in me. It's not that A-ha are my most favorit band - that would be Depeche Mode, if you must know - but they've written consistently good pop for ... let me see.......OH FUCK .....30 YEARS!!!! Okay, And' now I'm feeling very old and depressed.

For those of you who appreciate that sort of thing - first time a-ha (well, any Norwegian band, actually) made it to #1 on the UK charts. Proper 80's nostalgia - look at that hair, and the fashion assesoirs (leather band wrist bands) and those 1000 m of cable. (And Morten's face - I think my teenage self can be forgiven for going a bit weak in the knees.....). Unfortunately they 'dressed up' for the occasion, though you can imagine the waist hight jeans, the socks-over-trousers-thing and the men-scarfs and headbands.

i wonder how they look now.

Just for tsuki_no_bara:

2nd-Jun-2015 07:13 pm - So very excited right now...
I found out yesterday that Sergei Polunin will be dancing Giselle at Naples San Carlo Theatre in August (yay for facebook on this count). And managed to get A) tickets (for peanuts, compared to Royal Ballet prices), B) a flight and C) a travel companion. I'm so stoked, you wouldn't believe it.

Polunin was the Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet in London (youngest ever, at 19), and I'd heard (and seen) so many great things about him, but I kept posponing to go and see him because I was holding out for the perfect role, maybe Spartacus, or Romeo in the Nureyev choreography. And then he Polunin left the Royal Ballet 'over night' in 2012, to dance in Russia. And then he left there and announce that he might quit ballet altogether. So now I'm wiser, and I take what I can get, while I can get it, Well, given his track record, he might drop out last minute, but if not at least I've seen him live once. And on top of that I get a long summer weekend in Italy, and hopefully can swing by Pompei as well. Total win!

For all of those who won't be making the tip to Naples (yup, I'm gloating just a tiny little bit) I'm leaving you with this:

27th-Feb-2015 06:03 pm - 50 shades of a cultural phenomenon
Okay, I've now succumbed and seen the 50 Shades movie with some girl friends (we all blamed each other for going - ah, is't peer pressure a wonderful thing).

main  points:

The ads before the show were the best! We had condoms, cherry flavoured lube, lingerie & perfumes. Funniest though was an informercial about Premature Ejaculation from the aptly named Fire Too Quickly campaign.

Movie previews were really depressing. Man, are there many horribly bad movies around. We had Melissa McCarthy in a housewife as Bond comedy, something truly awful involving an American girl band battling it out with a German band at some competition, and something with lots of explosions and nothing much else. Will Smith is still looking good at 46, though. The UK was represented with the usual mild-mannered and whimsical fair (something involving gardening & Alan Rickman, and a sequel to the Marigold Hotel feat. Richard Gere.) At least the trailers didn't make me cringe....

As to the actual film....Collapse )

In a nutshell, it's a perfectly okay film given what it aims to be, and even enjoyable, if you watch it with that in mind (and in the right company)

I am considering to run another Eurovision vid show at this years vidUKon. (See here & here for previous ones if you've not been around my journal that long).

Here is the place where you can brainstorm ideas for Premieres, sign up to making a Premiere or nominate already existing vids that fit the theme.

The idea is to showcase European vidders, European source and European music. I'd also love to have have a meta vid with a 'European twist'. I am therfore looking for:

  1. Vidders who would want to make a Premiere for the show. This could be vidding a European source, a European song, or both.  You do not necessarily have to be a European vidder as long as you chose an appropriate source and/or song.

  2. You are a European vidder and don't want to participate, but would be happy for me to look through your back catalogue so see something I might like.

  3. You are aware of any brilliant vids of European source that have come out over the last 12 months in particular, that you think should be included in the vid show.

  4. You have ideas for European source that totally should be vidded but you don't want to do it.  as inspiration for other vidders.

Last years suggestions included....Collapse )

If you can help with any of the above, please pm or comment.
22nd-Jan-2015 09:06 am - This is disturbing...
Anybody else on my flist watching Broadchurch (S2) and Agent Carter who's not noticed this?

I have been watching both shows concurrently (e.g. the same week they air), and on at least one occassion one right after the other. But I never noticed that one actor was showing up in both shows, it's only when I took a stroll along down imdb.com that I saw thatif you don't wanna know don't clickCollapse )

Please tell me this is a sign of good acting.....and not early onset dementia?
18th-Jan-2015 06:57 pm - Sleuthing in the UK....
This might be of interest to any flisters who enjoy Lewis and Downton Abby. Those shows had a steamy affair last year, and their love child, which aired in the UK last autumn  is now visiting the USA, as part of PBS Masterpieces. It's call Grantchester and it's first episode airs today.

As you would expect from it's heritage, it includes:
A sleuthing vicar and his northern detective sidekick....
Very pretty Cambridgeshire scenry....
Set in the jazzing, post-war 1950's...
A big dollop of man pain...
English restrained version of bromance...


As many UK series it's rather short, only 6 episodes, but it's been renewed for a second season.
This will not be for everybody, the crimes are more of a foil than centerstage, it's got a kind of museumy feel at times, and it's gentle rather than suspensful or exciting, very much like Lewis. I enjoyed it for the escapism, the great ensemble cast including the cranky housekeeper and bumbling curate and, because it's me, all the manpaining and bromancing in georgeous locations with ALL THE period props one could ask for.  If that's your thing, check it out.
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