amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

Title: Girl in the War
Source: Justified
Artist: Josh Ritter
Completed June 2012, premiered at VVC in August


Ever since season 2 aired I wanted to do a Loretta vid that showed her tenacity & resilience and did not depict her as a victim. A lot of her spunkyness and strength is in the dialog and there is only relatively little footage of her, so it was quite hard to vid, but thankfully counteragent and barkley took mercy on me and provided extensive beta-duties in the face of work pressures, child rearing, traveling around the globe and film-making. Since this premiered at VVC and I knew a large proportion of viewers would not be familiar with the source I tried to structure the narrative in a way that would be accessible to a large audience.

Download here (48MB - divx)

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