amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

Festivid reveals

Vid: Moment of Truth
Source: Varsity Blues
Song: Survivor (Karate Kid OST)
For: festivids 2012
Recipient: Greensilver

Moment of Truth copy

Hidden under a lot of frat boy humor, football and teen romance 'Varsity Blues' has some poignant story lines about institutional bullying sanctioned by a whole community - all for the greater good of bringing home yet another football trophy . I tried to dig out that story line with the invaluable beta-help from counteragent and used an iconic sports antheme as counterpoint to the reality of playing varsity sports - the exitement and exhilaration, the disappointments, and the emotional cruelty and physical damage. I'm not sure I managed that - but you can always just watch the vid for the Van Der Beek and the football, and play 'spot the starts of tomorrow'.

Download (100 MB divx)

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