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Eurovison Vid Show - vidUKon 2013

Show-casing European Vidders, European Soure and European Music

A big 'Than You' to all the brilliant vidders who contributed, those who agreed to make shiny new Premiere vids just for this show and those who let me show a vid from their back catalogue. Several of the vidders in this show are not using LJ as their primary distribution platform and did not know me, but everybody I approached was more than happy to help out. A good number of vidders were interested in attending the con but for many this is not feasible due to costs, distance and sometimes visa issues - so we decided to make a little intro vid with 'greetings' from all those who wanted to contribute and I am still amazed and grateful how much work people have put into those vidlets and slide shows, they really gave the show a special feel and were very much enjoyed by the audience!

The vid show contains 14 vids made by vidders from 10 different countries, source from 7 countries and 4 Premieres. Since the show had to be under 50 minutes I could not include all the vids I wanted but I tried to include vidders, source and music from as many different countries as possible. I have also added imdb links for the non-English movies for those of you who want to check any of them out.

Please check out the vids and leave feedback to the vidders if you enjoyed their work - even if they are not based on LJ - I know it will greatly appreciated.

Making Of... by Faith & Selabris (Ukraine)

Source: Pulse, Veronica Mars, Original (all US)
Music: She from Atomic (Sweden)

Faith won the recent CreaCon Round with her vid Falling Earth, an amazing apocalyptic multi-fandom vid. The vid I am showing is a collaboration with her brother, a brilliant little meta-vid illustrating the pain and suffering a vidder goes through when vidding to a deadline that will resonate with everybody who has ever vidded for VVC, festivids etc. I would have liked to show both vids but in the end went with this one in the hope that it will make you check out the other one, too. Even though CreaCon is a Russian website feel free to leave feed-back in English.

Ash & Dust by katrindepp (Russia)

Source: Multi-fandom (US & UK)
Music: Electric Bloom by Cristal Castles (Canada), Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (US)

Very slick editing, making great use of motion & clip matching to weave together clips from more than 40 sources to create a tour-de-force vid. KatrinDepp is a very prolific vidder (and also a very funny person, as it so happens) and it was hard to pick just one vid out of her extensive back catalogue. She is from Sakhalin Island, off the Russian Coast, just north of Japan, if you're curious about the place, she has made a short vid it. Another great multi-fandom vid of hers is Til the End of Time, but she also vids an eclectic mix of US and UK shows, so go and explore her youtube channel.

Slow Burn by isagel (Sweden)

Source: Das Leben der Anderen (Germany)
Music: Slow-burn by David Bowie

Isagel was hoping to make a Premiere using a Swedish TV show but in the end did not find the time and vidding muse to do so, but she's got so many amazing vids to choose from, and Slow Burn was on my list anyway. The movie is set in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down and tells the story of a Stasi spy (Secret Police) who is bugging the apartment of an actress and her husband for surveillance purposes. The vid captures the movie perfectly, and I love the way isagel highlights the relationship between the three protagonists. A polyamorous love story, indeed.

As Above So Below by imbir (Poland/New Zealand)

Source: El laberinto del fauno - Pan's Labyrinth (Spain)
Music: Tempus Vernum by Enya (Irland) and Pajaros by Gustavo Santaolalla (Argentine)

A lovely vid that weaves together the dark, gothic fairytale and the grim reality the girl in the movie experiences into one cohesive strand, masterfully using editing skills to merge the worlds into one and create a dreamlike, stream-of-consciousness-like vid.

Spiel mit mir by condnsdmlk (South Africa) *PREMIERE*

Source: Le pacte des loups - Brotherhood of Wolves (France)
Music: Spiel mit mir by Rammstein (Germany)

Ilove vids that focus not on the main characters but on one of the sub plots. The movie is a visual masterpiece (in my opinion at least) and this vid fully exploits this. The editing really draws you into the story and reveals just enough to get your interest, creating an uncomfortable, eerie athmosphere.  The music choice is inspired and works surprisingly well, adding yet another layer of creepiness and manice to the vid. Lyrics with translation on the page.

Kopfkino by vi0lace (Germany) *PREMIERE*

Source: Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken - Love in Thought (Germany)
Music: Kopfkino by Letzte Instanz (Germany)

This is another brilliant Premiere vid. The film set in the 20's revolves around a complicated love triangle between a young man, his sister and his ex-lover. Another vid with an surprising but perfect music choice; great editing and pacing allows the tension to slowly build up. Kopfkino is a great German word that has no equivalent in English, it could be translated with 'a movie that only plays in somebody's head'. Great movie and great vid. Lyrics with translation on the page.

Once Upon a Time by galadriel34 (Hungary)

Source: Ondine (Irland)
Music: All Alright by Ros Sigur (Iceland)

Lyrical vid telling the modern day version of the story of Syracuse and Ondine set on the Irish coast. I love the green/blue palette, the slow pace of the story telling and the music and the use of fades to black here - the refusal to cut it short, speed it up, come to the point, wrap it up - a good story needs it's time. Is Ondine a sylkie? Will she bring Syracuse luck? Will she stay or will she go? It all becomes clear in the end....

Madagascar Style by Uk@R (Russia)

Source: Madagascar 1 & 2, The Penguins of Madagascar (US)
Music: Gangnam Style by Psy (South Korea)

Great vid to prevant vid fatigue. King Julian lip syncing perfectly to Gangam Style, shaking his booty and romancing the giraffe. The cutting here to achieve the lip sync effect is amazing, and the energy and movement throughout is wonderful. A real crowd pleaser!

Le Manège by buffyann (France)

Source: Pushing Daisies (US)
Music: Le Manège by Stanislas (France)

This is a great little Ned & Chuck vid that amazingly was completed in only one day! It uses both parallelism and circular motions to illustrate the merry-go-round nature of their lifes - or life in general? Thie vid is as whimsical and upbeat as the show. Lyrics with translation on the page.

Mathilde & Manech by LesyalLeto (Russia)

Source Un long dimanche de fiançailles - A Very Long Engagement (France)
Music: Saving Payton by John Nordstrom (US)

This is the flip-side of the previous vid - a bitter-sweet relationship study looking at hope and loss. I like the use of colour and dialogue in this vid, and the quiete melancholy of it.

Intouchables ¦¦ Kind and Lionheart by CantRushPerfection (Sitzerland) *PREMIERE*

Source: Intouchables - Untouchable (France)
Music: King and Lionheart by Of Monster and Men (Iceland)

I really urge you to check out this vid, whether or not you know the film - it is a really perfect reworking of this wonderful movie in vid form, hitting all the right emotional notes. The song choice is lovely, the visuals, emotions and the build of the song will carry you along to the uplifting ending. I only came across the vidder by chance and watched a couple of her vids. She also had a 'projects in progress' vid up, which contained a snippet of this vid, and despite having a lot of other stuff on her plate and not really enough time she agreed to do the actually make the vid in time for the con.

Beads of Time by legoline (Germany) *PREMIERE*

Source: Krabat - Krabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill (Germany)
Music: Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin (UK)

Krabat is the German version of Harry Potter, just a good deal older, and as you'd expect, a bit darker and more sinister. The vid captures the athmosphere and darkness really well and the song lyrics and melody mirror the growing sense of unease and doom.

And Still This Heart Will Yearn by secretlytodream (Russia)

Source: Teen Wolf (US)
Music: Dia Dos Namorados! by Broken Records (Scotland)

I am sure most of you know Loki already, she has been vidding in the SPN fandom for a long time. It was difficult to pick just one vid since she's such a prolific vidder, but in the end this one won out. It's Jackson and a bit of Lydia and is just breathtakingly beautiful. I just love every little thing about the vid, the editing, the flow, the clip choices, the musicality. A great character vid capturing both Jackson's cockyness, yearning for belonging and fear.

Stars, Skies, Boats & Seas by AnnaGiuliaFiction (Italy)

Source: Multifandom (US/UK)
Music: Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk (US)

Another really lucky find on my trawling of the internets looking for European vidders and source. This is the perfect vid to finish the show, a meta vid - just like the first one, reflecting on the loss of friendships in fandom, people fading away and leaving without trace. I love that the vid focuses on the positive rather than the negative - celebrating the time spend together rather than the loss of friendship. Another vid with great song choice (who can resist lyrics like 'if you find another galaxy with more room to fly, just leave me some stardust to remember you by'?), clip selection and use of typography. Although, according to lithy, the vid needs a warning because it made her feel all the sad feeling EVER because of the dog and the goodbyes and the ENDING of all things good. I am unrepenting, though.
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