amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

VidUKon 2013 Premiere

Vid: Komm Mit Mir Mit
Source: Barfuss
Song: Wolken by Alin Coen Band
For: VidUkon 2013


The front end of 2013 was incredibly busy for me and I really struggled to meet the deadline for VidUKon - it took a really limited source (movie) and short song to make this happen. This is a sort of fix-it vid, since the movie is actually a weired mix between a bitter-sweet underdog friendship story, sprinkled with some rather bad comedic set pieces. I cut out all the crappy comdey and just foucused on the story between the two leads. The downside of short songs is that they are frigging short, so I had to cut lose a lot of scenes that I really wanted to have in the vid. Endless gratitude to maichan
and icepixie who did a brilliant beta job on ultra short notice, even with referrence to the German lyrics. My flist never ceases to amaze me!

Download (26 MB


with subs:

Wolken                                                Clouds

Komm mit mir mit,                               Come with me now,
wir geh'n;                                            Let's go
irgendwo hin und dann,                      someplace, and then
schauen wir hoch                               we look up
und sehen uns die Wolken                 and watch the clouds passing by

Ich nehme dich bei der Hand            I take you by the hand
und ziehe dich                                   and drag you
hinter mir her;                                    along behind me;
ich frage mich,                                   I wonder
warum fällt es so schwer;                 Why is it this hard?
ich glaube,                                        I think
du willst nicht mehr.                          You've given up.

Ist dein Wesen                                  Is your true nature
für alle so schwer                              so difficult
zu lesen,                                            to grasp for others, too?
wenn ich's nicht verstehen kann,      If I can't understand you,
wie fühlt's sich für dich denn an?      then what must it feel like for you?

Und wenn du dann gehst,                And then when you leave,
schau ich dir nach,                           my eyes follow you,
schau wie das Ende verdreht,         I see how the end is twisting
was der Anfang versprach;              what the beging promised;
das Wetter wird wieder                    But the skies
wolkig bis heiter.                              clear up again.

Die Wolken ziehen weiter.              The clouds pass us by.

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