amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

Don't feed the trolls...

I lost 2 hours of my life this morning following a link into fandom wank teritory. Note to self: You know better!

On to more important news. With the help of rhoboat's  terrific
over at Foolish Passion and a LOT of trial and error I've managed to set up streaming from my own web site. With BAM having gone under I thought the best way to go was to be independant of any streaming services. So chuffed with myself right now. Big thanks also to sol_se , how actually told me you could stream from your own web site (yes, I'm that dumb) and pointed me in the right direction.

So, I proudly present to you:

Isn't that the prettiest streaming you've ever seen? It's got a skin, and it plays everytime you click on it, and it's got sound, and everything. *swoon*
Tags: vids
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