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Blasphemous Rumours
Crying in the rain 
22nd-Nov-2010 11:47 am

I've spend the weekend feeling melancholic and a little bit heart-broken and had to ask a friend come round for a slouch party listening (and singing) Norwegian pop music, eating chocolate ice-cream and watching TV. Sniffling was optional.

Why, you ask? I warn you, if you're not of my generation and sentimental disposition  you probably won't get it, but here it goes:
I went to my last ever A-ha concert on Saturday! After 25 years they are calling it quits. We shelled out for really good seats right next to the stage, I could practically count Morten's wrinkles (well, if he had any...), they played for over 2 hours and picked all the right songs.
Now they aren't even my favorite band, but they were the first band I ever saw live (in 1985), and they've been with me pretty much ever since. Their music is not revolutionary, but they've produced consistently great pop tunes and Morten's voice is something special.  
So it's really the end of an aera for me. I know this is a bit silly, nobody died, I can still listen to their music, they still have their solo-projects, but all the same, the idea that I'll never see them live again and there won't be any new songs makes me very sad. So a moping weekend was in order. 

If you'd like to mope with me, watch this (the only song cover song they've ever done, but it's so fitting to the occasion):

If you need a pick me up, watch this:

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