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Post VVC blues & fatigue...
Got back home early this morning and went straight to bed for some catch-up sleep, but it's to noisy around here, so now I got myself a strong coffee and moved myself in front of the computer. Best bits, in no particular order:


- I so loved the panels! Interacting with other vidders in real time and discussing vidding, editing, and all sorts of related issues is something that the internets can't give me.
- For the same reasons: Concrit, in-depth review & vid review.
- For the fun and excitement factor: Club Vivid, Premiers & Challenges. Danced my feet of at the former and had my mind blown by the latter two.

- Meeting new people and getting to put faces to names! So many lovely people, so little time...Very thankful to the con com for providing us with large print id and par_avion printing off user icons.
- BADFIC! Aragorn doing cartwheels - for no particular reason - and horse porn are burned into my brain forever.
- Trip to the Fields Museum with talitha78 including 'behind the scenes' access.
- HBO delivering the perfect True Blood episode for a VVC room party.

- Stay Awake by laurashapiro. As it says on the tin: don't close your eyes! (not yet released - premier vid)
- Bitter-Sweet by mresundance. Visually stunning (man, those colours) re-telling of Kingdom of Heaven from a neglected POV. (premier vid)
- On the Prowl by sweetestdrain and sisabet . Utter mind-fuck of the best kind, making a statement that was long overdue. (not yet released - challenge vid)
- Ada by braver_creature. Makes Inglorious Bastards look like an art house film and celebrates the power of vidding! (premier vid)
- Party in the Midlands by milly. Perfection in motion...(Club Vivid premier)
- Wild Horses by dualbunny. A celebratory relationship vid for a classic pairing. (auction vid)
- Deeper and Deeper by hollywoodgrrl . Manages to make LotS look dark and edgy. I adore this vid. (premiered on the sexuality vid show)
- Etheric Messages by thuviaptarth. Very creepy and intriguing to somebody who's never seen Fringe. (new to me vid seen at the vid reading panel)
-Also dying to see Goodbye by heresluck and Becoming Brothers by kassrachel  because I sat through them with my eyes closes - I still haven't seen season four of Friday Night Lights

More recs might come later. Need sleep now...

*Note to self 8 hours later: Need to click the post button*
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