amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

VidUKon Premiere 2015

Vid: Wasteland
Song by Needtobreathe
Source Grantchester

Download (divx & mp4  )here
Tags: tv_grantchester, vids, vidukon
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Yay, you posted!!! I can finally rec this to EVERYONE!

I know I've told you ten times already, but t is sooooooo beautiful and perfect and I love it to pieces. You are amazing. <3

But, woe, I can't seem to make the download links work. :(
Coding - so not my strong suit. Try rightclicking on the image and go on 'save link as' - that should work? No idea why the text links don't work, though, I'll probably take them down.

Thank you for all the squee - it does mean a lot to me. And don't stop on my account with squeing - I can take it... ;)


2 years ago


2 years ago

Hello! I saw this recced on Twitter and came over to watch, and I am so glad I did. Beautiful work for a lovely show! ♥ ♥ ♥
This show is the best! Thank you so much for taking the time to come over here to watch and comment. It's particularly nice if it's people that don't normally hang out at my journal, that made my day!


2 years ago

Oh, this is lovely!! :D I'm so glad to see a vid for this show, and you have showcased it beautifully. Wow.
Oh, did you get round to watching the show? I'm glad you thought the vid did it justice!
I have already poured out all my thoughts to you over email so am just coming back to watch again and say <3 <3 <3
Thank you so much for your betaing - it was a really great experience, it made this vid so much better. I really appreciated the time you took and the detailed feedback that you gave. Downside is, I might ask you to beta again ;)
Oh, what a gorgeous vid! You've captured the essence of why I love this show with all my heart: it's beautiful and peaceful and deeply, unflinchingly human in its portrayal of loss, violence, grief, and survival. Sidney's past as a warrior echoes throughout his present as a priest, and the moments you've picked (the bloodstained letters, the photographs) are breathtaking and poignant in showing the connection between those two lives that seem to be worlds apart - except he lives in both, or rather they both inhabit him, scars and depression and all. Even though it's a character study, it's also a stunning portrait of living with trauma and hurt that doesn't go away, and getting through day after day after day of it, and finding grace in everyday life that helps along.

TL;DR - this vid feels like the perfectly crystallized heart of the show, and I adore it completely. Thank you for making it.
Oh, wow! I am floored by this comment. You know, I have been sitting here yesterday, trying to come up with a blurp for the post, trying to put into words what I was going for, and what the vid was meant to encapsulate - and words totally failed me. But you just did that, you hit the nail pretty much on the head. The jusxtaposition of the quiet, quaint life as a country priest and all the darkness and memories hidden away in the crevices of that life. The pain and despair, but also the hope that the future will be better. 'finding grace in everyday life' is just such a perfect phrase.

Thank you so, so much for translating my vid into words, and for taking the time to come all the way over here to comment. It is very much appreciated, and I'm sure I'll be floating on a little cloud of glee all day today......


2 years ago


2 years ago

This is the first vid I've seen for Grantchester and it is so perfect! Gorgeous work!
*Beam* Thank you for saying so! Yes, there is a sad lack of Grantchester vids around. Though I have to say there are much more people watching the show than I was anticipating. I seriously was thinking I was vidding this for a just me and a couple of other people.
I was torn between watching this and saving it for later, but I couldn't resist, so I watched, and a) GORGEOUS VID!! you made me feel and I don't even know who anyone is!

And now I can't Wait to actually watch the show.

It's just LOVELY!
You know - if the vid makes somebody check out the show, that's probably the BEST anybody can say about it! And feels run a close second! *glow*

It's very British, it looks pretty, the characters are all well drawn and the crime plots are more canvas to explore different aspects of society rather than centre stage. And the story trickles rather than rushes. In the last aspects is a bit like Jesse Stone (so it's also very different in others), so I think you might enjoy it. Either way, it's just 6 episode, so it's not a huge time commitment - and if you like it you don't have to wait long for the second season which airs later this year.
Wonderful vid! So nice to see a fan vid for this show. You really captured his character well, plus the friendship and romantic elements.
Oh, thank you! Though the characterisation in the show is so stong and the acting so good that it was really easy to vid. James Norton's face does all the work ;)

I know, I didn't expect there to be much response to the vid at all, I surprised there are actually quite a few people who've been watching the show.
Oh, what a wonderful vid! Lovely perspective on Sidney and all of the other great characters of Grantchester.
Thank you so much! *beam* I've been totally amazed by how many people actually watch (and love) this show - I seriously thought I'm vidding this for a fandom of three.
This is really lovely!
As is your icon! You get the prize for most appropriate icon use!
Wow, what an amazing vid! You perfectly encapsulated the show, all the heartbreak and trauma of it, even as Sidney is just trying to keep moving ahead with those ever-present memories. And drinking. So much drinking.

Basically: a spectacular summation of the show. Thanks so much for sharing!
Aw, what a lovely comment to start my week on, thank you so much! There was so much to squeeze into this vid - as you said, the heartbreak, the memories and the trauma, the ploughing on regardless, the booze, but also the little glimmers of hopes along the way, friendships and family, laughter and companionship.
Fantastic video!
Oh, that's so sweet, thank you, I looove late comments to a post! And your icon!