amnisias (amnisias) wrote,

Sans mots....

RIP Chris Cornell 20. July 1964 - 18. May 2017

RIP Chester Bennington 20. March 1976 - 20.July 2017

On the 18th of May Chris Cornell (front man of Soudgarden and Audioclave) killed himself after a concert in Detroit.

His friend, Chester Bennington (front man of Linking Park) sang at his funeral. Two month later he killed himself, on what would have been his friends Chris' 53rd birthday.

This is sad beyond words. I had not heard the news of either deaths and just came across it accidentally last night, and can't seem to get it out of mind. I liked both bands but am not a huge fan. But I always loved both Chris and Chester's acoustic stuff, they had such amazing voices and wrote evocative, emotional lyrics. What a loss of two beautiful souls.

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