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Vidukon Premier 2016
This vid was done very quickly, it's not beta-ed and it's still kind of unfinished becaused my tech played decided to be stubborn and would just crash any time I opened the vid, so most of my time 'working on the vid' was trying to get the darn thing to render. Note to slef, SV does not like HD mp4 source.

I kind of fell head over heel for Lucifer last season, despite plenty of arguemtns against it. But what can you do? Clearly I've got a thing for snarky, politically incorrect Brits.

Vid: Call Me Devil
Song: Call Me Devil
Artist: Friends in Tokio

Download here
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Vidukon Premiere 2016
This movie has been called the German Brokeback Mountain, though it does not have that much in common with that movie. No stunning cinematography or beautiful landscapes here, it's all very prosaic and down-to-earth, ii is part love story, part tragedy and part an exploration of what it is like to be gay in a modern day police force.

Source: Freier Fall/Free Fall
Song: Ich Laufe/I Run
Artist; Tim Bedzko

Download (with and without subs) here.
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Sans mots....
Anton Yelchin
11/03/89 - 19/06/16

Can you have too much of a good thing?
Holy shit, Criminal Minds, what was that I just watched? (o)(o)

Clearly some h/c fangirls have invaded the writers room. And the fact that Thomas Gibson was directing and Shemar half naked for most of the episode gave the whole thing an extra layer of pain voyorism and slash on top of all the emotional and physical hurt. I'm still shellshocked.

(oviously highly spoilery) pickspam after the cutCollapse )

This one is on par with Reid's heroin fuelled abduction back when. This should make for some great Reid/Morgan fic.

Looking for vidders & vids #4
I thought that while we are all hanging around out computer and reload LJ endlessly, waiting for festivids to go live tomorrow, this would be a good time to do some convassing for another Eurovision vid show for vidukon 2016.  (See here, here & here for previous ones if you've not been around my journal that long).

The idea is to showcase European vidders, European source and European music. I'd also love to have have a meta vid with a 'European twist'. Out definition of what counts as European is rather relaxed, particularly when it comes to source.

Here is the place where you can brainstorm ideas for Premieres, sign up to making a Premiere or nominate already existing vids that fit the theme.

 I am looking for:

  1. Vidders who would want to make a Premiere for the show. This could be vidding a European source, a European song, or both.  You do not have to be a European vidder as long as you chose an appropriate source and/or song.

  2. European vidders who don't want to participate, but would be happy for me to look through their back catalogue so see something I might like.

  3. Any great vids of European source that have come out over the last 12 months in particular, that you think should be included in the vid show.

  4. Ideas for European source that totally should be vidded but you don't want to do it.

Last years suggestions included....Collapse )
La reine Margot, French film

If you can help with any of the above, please pm or comment.

Sans mots....
Alan Rickman
21/02/46 - 14/01/16


Holiday cards
Hi, lovelies!

I am hoping to send out Christmas Cards again this year, though no garantee that they'll make it in time depending on where you're living (but who doesn't love a seasonal card out of season?). If you got a card year last year and haven't moved you should automatically get a card, everybody else, please leave your contact details in a comment.

Comments are screened, obviously.

Because you can never have too much of a good thing...
...there is a Vidding Love Meme going on over here, so if you like reading and writing about vids, it's the place to spend a rainy sunday afternoon. Let's keep it going for a while, and spread the word.

I am kind of doing it wrong, because I post comments about individual vids on the vid posts rather than the meme, but post more general comments in the meme. I don't think it matters, since it's in the spirit of the meme. I just know that I love shiney, nice comments in my journal, where I know they can't disappear and I can always go back and read them again. So I guess some other folks might feel the same way?

Happy All Hollows' Eve everybody
Hope you've all remembered the faithfully departed during the day and are preparing yourself to fend of the evil spirits, witches and fairies tonight. And have a litte Halloween-themed clip while you wait.

Confession...Collapse )

This & That
Back from holidays. You guys, the Greek Islands are dreamy, and none more than the isladn of Kefalonia (you might know it if your read Captain Corelli's Mandoline), where I holed up with my Mum, in a lovely old greek farmhouse with a pool, lots of olive trees in the garden, and a little cove for swimming only five minutes away. The north of Kefalonia is very, very green, with lots of little coves (pebble, though, not sand) along the coast and small villages with taverns that serve very yummy greek food to very reasonable prices and small village shops with huge stacks of fruit and veg outside.  It was still very warm, around 25 C, so lots of sunbathing and swimming was to be had, though we cought one day with (terrential) rain, but that was kind a fun, too. Electricity and water cut out for a few hours, and we thought it might swep out house into the sea, but then the next day it was back to blue skies and seas with no cloud in sight. Like magic.

Picspam this wayCollapse )

Unfortunately we did miss the Super Blood Moon Eclipse because I noted down a wrong time. That would have been the cherry on top.

On return I also noted (well, my inbox reminded me) that I've missed naturelf's, legoline's and bananainpyjamas's B-days. Hope you all had a great day, doing what you love to do, whatever that is. Wishing Char the most amazing adventures downunder with even better beaches and sea views than Greece and enough UK born relatives to secure a visa for howeverlong she wants it for, legoline enough time to do all the things she loves to do and success with her writing, and bananainpyjama a good hair year and a magic potient to nuke accademic stress. Virtual hugs and cakes for all of you ladies!


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